7-Eleven First Delivery by Drone

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 7-Eleven Just Delivered 77 Packages by Drone

The first 7Eleven delivery by a drone in July, Flirtey and 7-eleven has “finished 77 sovereign drone deliveries to customer houses in America,” .

“Flirtey is the world’s leader in the delivery business that was drone, and we’ve now successfully finished the initial month of routine commercial drone deliveries to customer houses in partnership with 7 Eleven,” said Flirtey CEO Matthew Sweeny. “This is a giant leap towards a future where everybody can go through the convenience of Flirtey’s shop that is immediate -to- drone

Drone Delivery to Customer’s Home – Friday, July 22, 2016 – 7-Eleven Corporate

7‑Eleven, the world’s largest convenience retailer, and Flirtey, a leading independent drone delivery service, announced they have completed the first fully autonomous drone delivery to a customer’s residence to advance research toward integrating drones into the National Airspace System. This delivery is the first time a U.S. customer has received a package to their home via drone, representing a historic milestone in both U.S. and global commerce. The delivery was conducted in celebration of the convenience store chain’s 89th birthday.

Amazon Just Got Served by 7-Eleven in the Delivery Drone Race | Fortune.com

7-Eleven has done something that Amazon hasn’t: It’s made regular drone deliveries to customers in the United States. The convenience store chain, in partnership with commercial drone startup Flirtey, delivered snacks, hot and cold food, and over-the counter medicine by drone throughout the month of November. The trial involved a dozen customers in Reno, Nev., all of whom lived within a mile of the test store.

7-Eleven just made the first commercial delivery by drone
 You may soon be able to order a Slurpee without having to leave your home. Drone startup Flirtey recently partnered with convenience store chain 7-Eleven to make the first commercial delivery to a private residence in Reno, Nevada earlier this month.

7-Eleven has already made 77 deliveries by drone
flirtey7 elevenphototwo 7 Eleven First Delivery by Drone

Sure, Amazon made its first drone delivery last week, but 7-Eleven already has it beat. Today, the convenience store company announced that it has already made a total of 77 deliveries by drone in the state of Nevada. Of course the caveat here is that 7-Eleven relied on Flirtey, a drone delivery service company that’s already made a name for itself by delivering Domino’s in New Zealand and textbooks in Australia. It also made the first FAA-approved urban drone delivery earlier this year.

7-Eleven delivers 77 packages via drone in first month of routine service(techcrunch.com) In the most brand synergistic accomplishment of all time, convenience chain 7-Eleven has completed 77 drone deliveries during month one of its commercial service in Reno, Nevada. Yes, that’s Triple 7s in America’s Other Big Gambling Town. The drone service is operated by Flirtey, a commercial drone service provider startup …

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