A robot to assist you at Bank

Now, a robot to assist you at HDFC Bank; first humanoid in India’s banking

HDFC Bank, the state’s second-biggest private one, will use robots at its divisions, to help customers. Their state head for digital banking, Nitin Chugh, said after seeing the response, more ‘ humanoids would be deployed. Subsequently, the scale of work would be enlarged.

This is a portion of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) job it started a year ago, to boost its technological capacity. Additionally it is looking at using all these strategies to drive increase in rural areas, for which it’s open to partnering with fiscal technology things working in these places.

 “Humanoid” Ira to assist customers in HDFC Bank branches » Banking Technology

India-based HDFC Bank is about to introduce its first “humanoid” branch assistant – Ira. The human-sized robot was built together with artificial intelligence (AI) company Asimov Robotics.
HDFC says there are plans to bring more robots to its branches, depending on customer feedback.

 First Humanoid in India’s Banking, HDFC Bank Introduces a Robot to Assist its Customers

First Humanoid in India   s Banking  HDFC Bank Introduces a Robot to Assist its Customers 1 insights uccess A robot to assist you at Bank

First Humanoid in India’s Banking, HDFC Bank Introduces a Robot to Assist its Customers HDFC Bank, India’s second largest private bank, will be using robots at its branches, to assist its customers. Nitin Chugh, country head for digital banking, said “more ‘humanoids’ would be deployed after seeing the response from customers. Then, the measure of work done with these would be extended.”

Say hello to Lakshmi, the banking robot
%name A robot to assist you at Bank

City Union Bank is planning to instal the robot to answer customer queries Next time when you enter City Union Bank’s (CUB) T. Nagar branch, chances are that you will be greeted by Lakshmi, a Nao-robot with artificial intelligence.

Sounds surprising? Well, the private sector bank will instal the two-foot robot in the coming days on a pilot basis at the T. Nagar branch. It will be placed in the lobby to greet customers and explain various products apart from technology services.

UK banks get ready to roll out robot tellers
%name A robot to assist you at Bank

Artificial intelligence that can mimic human empathy and learn to answer complicated questions will be employed by UK banks to serve customers around the clock and cut costs.

Royal Bank of Scotland is planning to unveil Luvo: “human” AI that can answer questions online, ranging from lost card queries to unblocking pin numbers and updating home addresses.

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