Bosch and Nvidia Self-Driving Cars

Bosch and Nvidia partner to develop AI for self-driving cars

Automated makes roads safer, and artificial intelligence is the secret to making that happen,” said Denner. “we’re making the auto smart. We’re educating the auto the best way to steer by itself.
The Bosch AI car computer uses NVIDIA AI PX technology, the coming AI auto superchip, advertised as the world’s first single-chip processor made to reach Degree-4 sovereign driving.

The unprecedented degree of functionality is essential to deal with the enormous quantity of computation needed for the different jobs self-driving vehicles must perform which contain running deep neural nets to awareness atmosphere, comprehending the 3D environment, localizing themselves on a High Definition map, forecasting the behaviour and location of other items, in addition to computing automobile dynamics as well as a safe path forwards.

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 Some Cities Are Better Suited for Self-Driving Cars Than Others, New Study Finds

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Think about places most synonymous with self-driving vehicles, and you’re bound to call to mind testing hotbeds like Silicon Valley and Detroit.  But those aren’t necessarily the places where autonomous cars will bring the biggest benefit. A new study from INRIX, a leading provider of traffic analytics, has ranked U.S. cities based on a number of factors to figure out where their deployment in shared fleets could replace the greatest proportion of travel.

Researchers teach self-driving cars to ‘see’ better at night
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Today’s autonomous cars can already harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) software to drive from Los Angeles, California, to New York City without any human input, as long as it’s a sunny day. They still struggle to spot a stop sign in the rain after all. Now, researchers say they are on the cusp of giving self-driving cars the ability to read road signs in all sorts of weather and light conditions, an AI advance that brings the vehicles one step closer to being safe enough for everyday people to operate.

 Here’s what happens when a self-driving Uber fails

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Internal company documents obtained by Recode show that Uber’s self-driving cars regularly need human assistance. The metrics show that Uber’s self-driving cars can barely drive a mile before they “disengage,” which is when a safety driver has to take control of the vehicle. Compared to company’s like Waymo, Alphabet’s self-driving-car company, the data shows Uber has a very long way to go before achieving full autonomy.

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