Google Earth VR Now Supports Oculus Rift with Quick Search

Google Earth VR Now Supports Oculus Rift

Today, Google is promoting that one of its more fascinating products, Google Earth VR, will be available together with the Oculus Rift and Touch controllers. Earth VR formerly released on Steam in November, 2016 in which, within the past 5-6 months, they operate only been functional with an HTC Vive VR platform. Rift owners that attempted to start Earth VR by using Steam were welcome with a message telling them that the content will not work on the equipment.

According to Goole – Google Earth VR provides you with a chance to instantly research the earth and find out different places. We ensured that browsing through our planet in Earth VR on Rift with Touch really feel natural, relaxing, and impressive, to ensure that much more people can easily take flight above cities and take on top of mountains in VR. We believed a lot with regards to button mapping to ensure it was instinctive and made benefit of the Touch controllers’ specific analog sticks, which can be an excellent match for how you maneuver around in Earth VR.

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 Google Adds Search Function, Oculus Support To Google Earth VR

%name Google Earth VR Now Supports Oculus Rift with Quick Search
Google added support for Oculus Touch controllers to the popular Google Earth VR application. The company also added a search function so you don’t need to be a geography whiz to find your favorite vacation spot on the map.

You can now fly around Google Earth in virtual reality

 A virtual reality version of Google Earth is now available for free on the HTC Vive, letting users explore reconstructed cultural treasures, global landmarks, or (for some) their own homes i

 Can’t take a vacation? Travel the virtual world with the new version of Google Earth

%name Google Earth VR Now Supports Oculus Rift with Quick Search
f you haven’t taken a spin around Google Earth for a while, today would be a good time to revisit the now 12-year-old app. Really, it’s been 12 years, and in that time, other Google-Earth-like apps, including Google’s own Maps app, have left the mothership and become our go-to navigation guides, so Google has now relaunched Google Earth as a more exploration-focused app rather than a tool for getting from A to B.

 Google Earth VR

oculus 2x Google Earth VR Now Supports Oculus Rift with Quick Search

Go anywhere

Google Earth VR puts the whole world within your reach. Take a peek at some of the incredible sights you’ll experience along the way in the preview gallery below.

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