Humanoid Robots to Help on Airbus Planes

Joint Robotics Laboratory and the Airbus Group have merged together to launch a new Joint Research Program. This new partnership aims to develop humanoid robots that will be used for aviation manufacturing.

Airbus plans to develop assembly line robots to work with humans

May 4, 2016 … Humanoids could perform complex tasks in factories in 10-15 years. … The European aircraft manufacturer, along with the Joint Robotics …

Airbus Plans Humanoid Robots For Its Aircraft Factories

Feb 12, 2016 … Aircraft manufacturer Airbus is set to develop humanoid robots to work in its plane factories, in partnership with robotics researchers in Japan …

Will humanoid robots build tomorrow’s aircraft?

Feb 16, 2016 … To give human workers a helping manipulator, JRL and Airbus Group have embarked on a four-year project to develop humanoid robots that …

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