Monkeys mourn robot baby

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Group Of Monkeys Mourn The Death Of Baby, Turns Out To Be A Robot

The BBC’s latest nature documentary series, Spy In The Wild, which combines real-life animals with camera-concealing robot replicas has already created some dramatic scenes after the robots were introduced to a gang of primates.

In the first episode, a gang of Indian langur monkeys mistook a robot disguised as a baby langur as one of their own. When the patriarch of the family went to pick up the smaller monkey-bot it accidentally dropped it, and subsequently acted as though bereaved when the android camera appeared to be dead.

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Group Of Monkeys Mourn The Death Of Baby – viralthread

Monkeys are proven to mourn a robot infant they taken as one of their very own. In a brand new BBC show, Spy In The Wild, the monkeys seem to go right into circumstances of despair and assemble round the man-made creature. They gather round the baby, hush their yak and embrace each other in what is apparently a show of despair.

 Watch the moment a group of monkeys mourn the death of a ROBOT baby

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For those of you mourning the end of ‘Planet Earth II’, there’s good news – a new animal documentary is set to hit our screens this week. Spy in the Wild is the BBC’s latest documentary, in which cameras are concealed within lifelike robots, tracking how animals interact with them in the wild. In the first episode, a group of langur monkeys mistakes a robot as one of its own, and even goes into a state of grief when the robot is mistakenly dropped from a height.

 BBC ‘Spy In The Wild’ series: Monkeys mourn the death of a robot baby; Chimp adopts kitten – The American Bazaar

spy in the wild Monkeys mourn robot baby

A BBC wildlife series exploring animal compassion has been released with the first episode featuring a male chimpanzee clasping to a replica kitten, protecting it from predators and adopting it as a pet. The video titled Spy in the Wild has been shot using the replica of wild animals. The robot animals with built in cameras recorded the actions and reactions of animals on seeing the replica.

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