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Robot companion you can buy today and in 2017 for your home

Tapia AI Robot Companion

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Tapia can cozy your hearts telling jokes and laughter after having a long working day at the workplace. She can also assist maintain anyone that much towards family and friends whom are far away by taking photographs of your happy times. Aside from that, Tapia will provide you with helpful awareness on climate conditions if you are going out, and will play or sing songs when asked. As a companion, good friend, and everyday partner, this robot will be continually by your side and progress right together with you on life’s experience. Tapia recognize a person, name, and birthday. She will greet you on your birthday. She can helps your life make easier through phone calls, climatic conditions forecasts, agenda management, reading news out loud, etc. to enable you to lead your daily life with more efficiency.

She will take photos of your important memorable occasions and plays dancing music when you find yourself happy and really like to dance. Conversations and interactions varies and changes based on the way you treat the robot. Should you communicate a lot with her each day, you might find out funny and interesting words. She can monitors people outside the house and notifies family for any suspicious if the monitored person hasn’t answered her correctly or for a certain period of time. Tapia reads tale ebooks for your kids when you are away or carrying out household tasks. Available at

 Aido is Your Home Entertainer Companion Robot

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Aido is an all-in-one bundle that provide the best of household automation, protection, support, leisure and many more! Watch your favourite videos and games Aido interactive projector and audio speakers. Keep your house protected with Aido’s patrol function. Ask Aido to get the most recent recipes, reschedule your personal appointment, or simply dim the lights while you relax. Aido can easily project useful videos against a wall to repair that dripping faucet, or any other defective unit. Aido identifies each member of household, and sets to personal tastes.

Aido can have fun with along with your kids, assist in household stuff, manage your agenda and maintain your house secure. Aido comes with a interactive projector that will visually help you from your duties like preparing food, yoga exercises and much more! Aido can move around complicated areas with furniture, and other minimal obstructions in the home. Aido also includes a multimedia projector that can transform any wall to a movie screen. You may also play games with Aido. Aido features a storyteller module that will read and conduct stories from all over the world.. He will remind you of important conferences, and will also reschedule your appointments quickly. Aido secure your property if you are outside. Intelligent intruder alerts, highly effective detectors and coordination with alarm systems.

Aido can manoeuvre around household pets, floors, and, carpets. He will find his way into your house and can guide buddies within the entrance into the kitchen. Aido integrates within your family and is your assistant and also a good friend when you need one. Pre-order at

JIBO Companion Robot,  Smart Companion Robot for the Home

jiborobot 698x400 Robot Companion   Home Robot For Sale

Jibo incorporate high-end camera that recognize faces, make video call or take pictures for you by voice command. Jibo is an excellent personal assistant of your everyday task. Jibo feels the world, and responds to surprisingly loving actions and behaves that demonstrate he’s simply no ordinary bot. Therefore while he’ll happily take a photo or send a message, he’ll will also get to recognise you and the people you love, for even more special relationships.

Jibo loves people. So while you head into a room, he happily speak to you. He may welcome you, ask you a thought, or tell a joke. You’ll never figure out what he’ll express, say or do next that make him one of a kind companion. Awaiting pre-order at

Zenbo Companion Robot


zenborobot 698x400 Robot Companion   Home Robot For Sale

Zenbo is an adorable robot that will moves, speak, tells you and controls your house. The robot can wander around on their own, and get instructions by speech command. ZenBo’s facial area in addition acts as a touchpad screen. You are able to put video message or calls, shop on the internet, and also watch online video content.

This ET look alike robot can turn the aircon on for you or turn off after you’ve cooled down or as your command. He will assist you to start your home devices with voice command. At bed time, he will turn the lights out and turn the fan on and say goodnight! Zenbo can connect with smart-home components such as lights, door locks and security cameras, read out food recipes, and entertain little ones with fascinating stories and music. Awaiting pre-order at

Zenbo can take pictures, record videos and make video calls, an entertaining story teller for kids, listen to and answer your voiced request and question, you can enjoy songs in high quility integrated stereo, he can express feelings of emotions with plenty of facial expressions.

BUDDY is your Family’s Companion Robot

buddy robot 698x400 Robot Companion   Home Robot For Sale

Buddy is the groundbreaking companion robot that boosts your daily lifestyle. Easy to operate, Buddy hooks up, protects, and talk to each member of the family. Buddy guards your home Security, Buddy can transmit alerts for uncommon circumstances, Heat sensor, sensing fires and floods.

Buddy can provides help in the kitchen, entertain your family with song and videos, will act as a scheduler and alarm clock. He can connect all of your smart equipment like temp device, lights, wearables by voice command or wirelessly via smartphones. He can be a mobile telepresence robot, share images and videos.

Buddy is your personal assistant, a household adviser, alarm clock and to do listing. and will let you know weather conditions, food recipes and traffic situation. He is an excellent entertainer, a mobile Audio and Video station, a digital photographer & videographer. Awaiting pre-order at

Segway Robot Companion

Segway robot 698x400 Robot Companion   Home Robot For Sale

This robot should be the smartest one in robot companion. Develop with combined forces and collaboration of Segway Robotics, Intel and Xiaomi electronics.

Advanced artificial intelligence process and computation, operated by an Intel Atom Processor inside.The particular segway robot offers intel realsense camera for seeing, face identification and person tracking. Segway Robot can navigate autonomously and go along with the owner. Segway robot can transport you to different places and can run 18 kph in comfortable travel to 30 kph maximum speed. The robot’s platform is a Segway Mini Pro, giving you the excellent private transport device. The robot can talk with its builtin microphone array and permits you to send voice instructions to Segway Robot from any place within the room. Voice recognition in both English and Chinese are supported. Waiting list at

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