Robot Fish Finder finally Make Fishing Fun

Robot Fish Finder
PowerRay FishFinder Robot Uses 4K, VR to Finally Make Fishing Fun – Robotics Trends

Fish finding now is easy thanks to PowerVision‘s new PowerRay underwater robot that can help you find the next fish.
PowerRay gets video and pictures with its incorporated 4K camera and airing them Android or back to the top via WiFi to you iOS cellular device. The app lets you control the robot and its camera and provides other data along with location info to you that will help you find fish.

Underwater drone tracks down and lures fish to your hook

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PowerRay uses a precision remote bait drop and blue-hued fishing lures that basically attaches the fish to the dangling hook. The unmanned vehicle also transmits data, alters and live video feed and photos of the underwater world to the fisherman’s smartphone via a companion app

 TTRobotix Sea Dragon Underwater Vehicle

seadragon Robot Fish Finder finally Make Fishing Fun

Meet the TTRobotix Sea Dragon ROV: a remotely operated underwater vehicle with agility and high maneuverability underwater. It can be controlled using a game controller. As this video shows, Sea Dragon can be monitored and controlled using its PC interface.

 Someone actually invented a drone fish finder

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A San Diego company called Aguadrone is trying to fund a Kickstarter project to produce drones that can hover over the water and use sonar and wi-fi to broadcast the location of fish back to your smartphone. It has a range of about 300 feet, according to the company.

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