Security Drones to Protect Your Home

Security Drones
Security Drones Want to Protect Your Home

VEGAS – At CES 2017, has declared plans to come up with sovereign, video-enabled drone programs to expand the abilities of smart home and company security systems.

The drones use’s new multi-detector recognition and property wisdom, dubbed Insights Engine, jointly using the Qualcomm Snapdragon Flight drone stage, to inquire sudden action.

The business’s new Insights Engine learning ability, which can be also being announced at CES, uses machine learning algorithms to the data set that is growing created by detectors and apparatus in a property that is linked. By discovering anomalies and understanding complicated task patterns, the system can react to occasions for an individual.

This Japanese security drone will chase down intruders
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Security guards in Japan have a new tool to deter intruders: a drone that will chase down and follow people without human intervention.

Made by Secom, Japan’s biggest security company, the drone goes on sale Friday to organizations that need to protect large parcels of land. It will launch whenever suspicious cars or people are detected on the property by other security equipment.

Drones in homes: ‘Flying cameras’ map security threats, warn homeowners
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Armies of drones could soon help protect homeowners from unwanted visitors as part of a newly-developed smart security plan being mooted at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

A collaborative effort using products designed by and Quallcom Technology Inc, the system involves drones mapping out “complex activity patterns” of a property and responding to unexpected events such as a home invasion.

Forget your old alarm system. This drone will protect your house.
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A new startup wants to turn drones into guardian angels for our homes.

Sunflower Labs — with headquarters in Silicon Valley and Zurich, Switzerland — announced a new security system on Thursday that detects possible threats and investigates them with a drone.

The drone streams video to your smartphone, so you can see and decide if your home is at risk or not.

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