The Coolest Robots of CES 2017

We found the Coolest Robots of CES 2017

Unlike the outstanding wheel-established versions out there, Lynx is effective at walking as well as cutting a rug on the dance floor and features a nimble frame. This robot uses Alexa integration to carry through a collection of endeavors that are helpful. All the functions are reachable simply by saying special voice commands.

No worries. Lynx read you your e-mails and even is going to do the task for you personally. You’ll definitely appreciate Lynx, if taking up yoga is the New Year’s resolution. Just inquire Lynx in regards to a special yoga pose on right placing yourself as well as the robot will actually instruct you.

 CES 2017: Robots of the future

moro cnet The Coolest Robots of CES 2017

1. Kuri

This intelligent, highly-animated home robot comes from Mayfield Robotics. Designed by a former Pixar animator, this 20-inch tall, 14-pound robot has expressive eyes, which have a built-in HD camera that can capture photos and videos, recognize faces, and monitor your home. Kuri also has bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing remote operation, and a high-tech microphone that can let Kuri communicate with members of the household. He also has sensors for detecting objects. He is battery operated, and comes with a charging station. Kuri can be preordered for $100. Cost: $699.

2. Olly

Developed Emotech Inc., a UK startup composed of neuroscientist and machine learning experts, Olly plays music, controls other internet-enabled devices, and gives advice. But even more impressive is this tabletop robot’s adaptability—he can recognize different members of the household and adjust his interactions accordingly. Olly will be available later in 2017.

The Best Robots of CES 2017
best robots ces 2017 4 The Coolest Robots of CES 2017

CES 2017 is a grand event where manufacturers of various hi-tech devices display their lately introduced products. The gadget freaks keep a close eye on products that are rolled out and displayed at the much awaited electronic event of the year. TheTechBeard team is no exception to this.

Best robots of CES 2017 – from AI butlers to android nannies
lg hub robot The Coolest Robots of CES 2017

This is the year robots begin their mechanic march into our homes, if the CES 2017 tech trade show is anything to go by. A whole host of smart home robots have been revealed to help run our homes better, like the artificially intelligent robot butler you’ve always dreamed of.

From managing your home to helping to raise your children, these bots are more than just toys. Following from the success of the Amazon Echo speaker, with its Alexa smart assistant that lets you control your home with your voice, these bots want to offer more.

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